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David Ledger is a West Australian artist specialising in oil painting. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Curtin and studied classical drawing and painting at the Florence Classical Art Academy in Italy. He has exhibited in Australia and abroad including solo exhibitions in Perth and Hong Kong. His work utilises traditional media and techniques. A common thread in his work is related to ideas of place, where both material and metaphysical planes closely link and reflect one another. 

The works of David weave together a tapestry of intricate connections between the material and metaphysical realms, exploring the interplay of place and its influence on our lives. David captures the essence of locations, not merely as physical entities but as vessels of profound energy and significance. Each composition becomes a portal, inviting viewers to traverse the boundaries between the tangible and intangible, where the lines between reality and imagination blur. Through an amalgamation of colors, textures, and forms, David unveils a captivating symphony of visual narratives, where the material and metaphysical planes intertwine and mirror one another with mesmerizing precision. Delving deep into the essence of place, David invites us to embark on a journey of discovery and contemplation, where the external world resonates harmoniously with our innermost landscapes.


Selected Exhibitions

2023    Transcendence, The Orangery Gallery. Perth (Solo exhibition)

2022    Mandorla Art Exhibition, Holmes a Court Gallery. Perth

2021    Society for the Promotion of Classical Art Inaugural Exhibition. Perth


2018    Locus, 38 Art Terrace, Hong Kong (Solo exhibition)

2017    Parallels of Place, Heathcoate Art Center. Perth

2015    Plastic, MOP Projects. Sydney 


            Mind Games, Central Institute of Technology. Perth 


            Painting as an Artform, Mundaring Arts Centre. WA 


2014    Painting is Dead, Long Live Painting, Melody Smith Gallery. Perth


            Paper Mountain. Fundraiser, Paper Mountain. Perth


2013    Bunbury Biennale, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. WA

            Plans, Melody Smith Gallery. Perth (Solo exhibition)


2012    Ornaments of Language, Melody Smith Gallery. Perth


            Remember the Future, Melody Smith Gallery. Perth


2011     Rumble, The Oats Factory. Perth (Solo exhibition)


             Christmas P-Arty, The Oats Factory. Perth


            Young Guns, The Oats Factory. Perth


2010    Curtin Degree Show, Curtin University. Perth

Prizes and grants


2024   (DLGSC) Culture and the Arts (WA) Creative Development funding program. 

2022   Finalist, Mandorla Art Award, Holmes a Court Gallery (WA)


2019   Creative Development Program, Department of Culture and the Arts Grant (WA)

2015    Winner, Joondalup Community Art Prize (WA)


2014    Finalist, Joondalup Community Invitation Art Award (WA)


            Winner, Clifton’s Art Prize People’s Choice Award (WA)


2010    Winner, Oats Factory Award, (WA)





City of Joondalup Collection, WA  


The Horn Collection, WA





2010    Bachelor of Arts (Art), Curtin University. WA

2018   One Year Intensive  Course, Florence Classical Arts Academy, Florence, Italy.


2024   City of Melville Mural Arts Program, WA

2023   City of Stirling Percent for Art Program, WA

2016   City of Joondalup Mural Arts Program, WA


            West Coast Institute of Training SIM Hospital Mural, WA


2015    City of Joondalup Mural Arts Program, WA

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